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There is no doubt that Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/musician David Young is talented.  Over the years, David Young has performed for Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Guns & Roses and Paul McCartney, who started a standing ovation for him at one of his performances. 


David Young’s music has been played on hundreds of radio stations around the world, as well as, on the soap operas General Hospital, All My Children, and Passions.  And over a million copies of his CD’s have sold. But David’s music was not always so serene….

From early childhood David loved and played classical music.   That changed with the onset of his late teens and his discovery of heavy metal.  For years thereafter he was a wild, heavy-metal-rocker and played lead guitar in an AC-DC cover band.


Too young to have been a Beatles fan, he had no idea back then that George Harrison played lead guitar.

David grew up and out of the rocker life, and began to meditate and returned to classical music.  Much like George, he transitioned from spirited to spiritual.


But it was decades later, years after his  first contacts from George, that David came to realize the similarities of their professional and spiritual transitions.


That started in 2010…..when he began to experience too many coincidental occurrences to ignore or explain…


By 2011- there was a graphic experience that no one else could ignore either…



David was certainly an artist, but not a painter. 


“In 2011, I made my first painting. It only had four colors: grey triangles surrounded by gold, burgundy and brown. Two weeks later my girlfriend bought me a book put out by Time magazine on George's life. In it was a picture of George wearing his favorite jacket that he had custom made for him at the after party for the concert for Bangladesh. It has only four colors: grey triangles surrounded by gold, burgundy and brown.”


               George Harrison's jacket                                                                          David Young's painting



“Until this happened no one believed me. And all my friends knew I couldn't draw and would never think of painting.  There must be 200 incidents that I have chronicled in the book”


So David has a new not-so-silent writing partner… and his experiences are as strange to live as they are to tell.  They certainly raise more questions than answers.


·         Why has George chosen David?

·         What is his message?

·         Why does he feel the need to communicate now?

·         What is it like to be in contact with George?

·         How is George influencing David’s music and his life?

·         Why is George Harrison still relevant event today?


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