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Featuring Mike Cunningham at the news desk


Mike Cunningham


Featuring Rockin' Ed Pauli's Top Shelf Moldy Oldies


Rackin' Ed Pauli


Featuring Cindi and Dr. Ed!


Cindi Verbelun
Actress - Singer - Entertainer
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Ed Lemmers
Engineer - Computer Magician -
Bass Player

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Special Guest A.K. (Allan) Patch
Patches of History




Special Guest Jay Izso
The Internet Doctor




Special Guest Pete Nelson
Financial Expert - Dollar Bank


Pete Nelson


Special Guest Michael Heaton
Features Reporter/Author -
Truth and Justice For Fun
And Profit: Collected Reporting
Minister of Culture Column -
The Plain Dealer -
Owner and Unboss - Indienation.FM




Special Guest Dan Coughlin
Cleveland Sportswriter/Author


Dan Coughlin


Special Guest David Fine
Director of Media Relations/Broadcasting
Tri-City Storm Hockey


David Fine




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Music from the 20's to the present

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